Deposit & Withdrawal


Access NEWFX with username and password of your real account, then click ‘Deposit funds. “(Customers who have filled out the online application but have not yet received a username for the account can deposit funds here. It will be given a username once processed the initial deposit.)

The options to deposit funds are:

Credit card:

In real time or within one business day (it depends on the technical time of the transaction).

Bank transfer:

About one or two days (domestic) and three to five working days (international), often less, because they are made available on your trading account.

The times given above are approximate. Although rarely, in some cases, there may be delays in processing as NEWFX has no control over the whole process of capital injection.

Credit cards are the easiest and fastest way to deposit funds online. The minimum deposit for the use of our online system for credit cards is € 200. The maximum deposit by credit card is € 50,000 for each calendar month.

NEWFX not charge administrative cost of funds on deposit.

We allow a maximum of USD/EUR 5,000 per deposit/transaction.

We can accept deposits in

Check the guides we have prepared for your convenience

Follow all the duly identified steps and make your first deposit today

Deposit With Your Credit or Debit Card

We have integrated third party payment providers that NewFX uses to take credit card or debit card transactions.

See Guide

Deposit by BTC

How to buy crypto and deposit by BTC

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Withdraw funds from your account NEWFX trading is quick and easy. For your convenience, withdrawal requests are made online.

To withdraw funds, access to NEWFX and click “Withdraw Money.” The withdrawal request is submitted online by selecting the chosen withdrawal method and clicking on “Submit.”

As can process your withdrawal request within one to two business days. The withdrawal options available and the associated time credit to receive funds are:

The options to deposit funds are:

Credit card:

The time required varies depending on the issuer of the credit card and can take up to one billing cycle for the crediting of funds to the credit card.

Bank transfer:

The national bank transfers require one to two working days and international bank transfers from three to five days, often less, to be accredited.

If you have deposited funds into your account with a credit card, you must withdraw the amount paid (deposit amount) through the card used for the deposit. The issuer of the credit card can take from five working days in a billing cycle (approximately thirty days) to credit the credit card used for the deposit of funds. When you request a withdrawal by credit card, check if that card has been cancelled, it expired, or has been issued a credit card number other than the original. The return of funds on a closed account can cause a significant delay in the receipt of funds and NEWFX can not guarantee a time credit of funds if the amount has been requested on a closed account.

No costs are charged for withdrawals via credit cards and checks. A small fee is applied to all bank transfer requests.