Spreads & Conditions

The spread is the actual cost to those who open an account to trade with Forex. Who usually invests in the stock market operates by opening a trading account with a broker and deposit their funds into it, leaving it to the broker the various movements. The broker then provides a service and acts investor faith, asking to be compensated for any transaction with the “spread”, the difference between the price BID and ASK price on the currency pair that is traded. The broker adds the spread within the trade price and keeps for himself by covering the costs of management and obtaining a revenue.

The spreads may also vary depending on the type of account that is opened and are different between the various products.

A Standard account will have higher spreads than a Professional account because it is assumed that an account of a professional trader makes several changes on the market (or use the scalping technique) compared to an account of a novice trader.

Default Beginner Professional
Forex  1:50 1:100 1:200
Commodities  4% 2% 1%
Index  4% 2% 1%
Stocks 10% 5% 2.5%
Cryptocurrency 100% 50% 20%
CFD Product Rollover Fee
Currencies   0.015% of the overnight exposure
Commodities   0.015% of the overnight exposure
Indices   0.015% of the overnight exposure
Shares   0.015% of the overnight exposure
ETFs   0.015% of the overnight exposure
Cryptocurrency  0.05% (Retail clients) 0.05% (Professional clients )